Getting a massage with Anna was very much a grounding experience. I deal with some anxiety, and I sit in front of a computer a lot. Between the two, my body hurts in the shoulders quite a bit. As soon as Anna put her hands on my back, I felt very safe and like everything was taken care of. She actually massaged a lot of different areas of my body to heal the problems in my shoulders. Her understanding of the interconnectedness of my body was really impressive to me. I had such a wonderful experience, and came out of it feeling ready to take another shot at being me. I know that sounds weird, but it’s hard to explain. She’s just so genuine, so real, and so profound all at the same time. It felt like everything I’m going through with being a human being and all of my ridiculous idiosyncrasies must be ok after all. And she taught me some cool techniques on how to live my computer-based work-life with less pain and more connection to my body.

Angela, Santa Cruz, CA

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