When a friend of mine send me a text that said, “I just had the best massage of my life”  I thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”  But I was smart enough to find out what made her say that (“she knew the exact point in my shoulder that needed work” my friend replied) and to get the woman’s number just in case.  I liked her answers to my questions and once I had the massage, I liked her even more!!  Marcia, you were right.  This is not a “paint by the numbers” kind of masseuse.  Anna is amazingly intuitive and does, indeed know exactly where to go and more importantly, knows exactly what to do.  I’m really sensitive energetically and am really picky about massages.  Hers really was in a new range.  For those who like great versus good: check this woman out.!

Ellen, Marina Del Rey, CA

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