I moved to LA three years ago with my husband seeking a new life for myself. Its funny to say that has not been as easy as I thought. I also brought with myself a lot of things, what people call “baggage”,  things deep inside me that needed healing.

Anna has been a great source of that healing for me; an amazing intuitive with a big heart and the perspective I have been needing. I have only had a few sessions with her, but each has helped me so much and I always left our sessions in a more enlightened, inspired, healing state of mind through her guidance and healing love energy.  I really feel that I have experienced so much out of meeting her and am thankful my journey has brought me to her. Her healing capacity is beautiful, and has taught me so much. I have and will recommend her to many.

We all need healing in some way, and that healing for me means my “new life” is here!  Thank you Anna. 🙂

Julia, Palms, CA

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