This message is for Anna Huff:

I’m sorry I couldn’t really talk earlier because I was so emotional. The tears happen as a stress release but also when I’m feeling gratitude… Thank you so much for the energy work and massage. In the beginning of the energy work I felt an unconscious barrier/block preventing… something. But you were so strong that I had a hard time keeping my eyes shut. That has never happened to me before. The barrier/block moved and I felt a mix of emotions including joy, gratitude, awakening, lightness and finally alignment & balance. I am back in school in a dual doctorate degree program and hope that it creates the opportunity to help others be their better selves. So, your message hit very close to home… The gift of showing light and love and higher vibrations to those around you is extremely special, and you have it. It was perfect to have a transformational massage on 12/12, a highly charged transitional day, and my birthday. Thank you again…


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