Anna is not just a good or great massage therapist…she is truly gifted! I was visiting from out of town and someone gave me her contact information. Anna was available for the next day, when I needed to see her, and it was the most therapeutic, restorative, relaxing, and intense massage I’ve ever had (and I get a massage every month). I can confidently say that she is a real master at understanding the pain and relief a client needs because she has a masterful understanding of how the human body stores and manifests discomfort. She knows exactly what it takes to diffuse that pain. I cannot wait until I’m next in town and can benefit from her healing hands again.

Kim, Boston MA

Anna was amazing. We needed two massage therapists for my a pool party and she helped me coordinate it.
She came over with another therapist she recommended and they both rocked. She is very professional and responsive when booking and was very flexible with our schedule. Showed up on time and was very pleasant during the two or more hours she was there. She was a party hit as everyone said it was one of the best if not THE BEST massage they have ever got. Would definitely recommend

Mo, North Hollywood

This massage was everything!! She used great pressure and technique, exactly what a working girl needed! I had knots in places I didn’t know I could she was able to make my body completely relax and release all the tension. I read Yelp reviews and this was definitely the perfect fit. She came to the hotel room and set things up. Super professional.. Thanks Anna

Rhonda, Westchester, CA

This was not just any massage but also a great experience. My mother was in great pain and could barely move. After contacting Anna, she immediately booked our appointment, and the very next day she came.  The ambience that she set up with her was very relaxing and comforting. The time she spent on my mother was a magical moment. after the massage was over she spent ample time explaining what was going on with my mother. With all her expertise I highly recommend Anna to anybody.
If Yelp had an option for 10 stars I would give her 11.
Thank You Anna!!!
and my mom also extends her gratefullness to you.

Lilly and Roza, Culver City, CA

This message is for Anna Huff:

I’m sorry I couldn’t really talk earlier because I was so emotional. The tears happen as a stress release but also when I’m feeling gratitude… Thank you so much for the energy work and massage. In the beginning of the energy work I felt an unconscious barrier/block preventing… something. But you were so strong that I had a hard time keeping my eyes shut. That has never happened to me before. The barrier/block moved and I felt a mix of emotions including joy, gratitude, awakening, lightness and finally alignment & balance. I am back in school in a dual doctorate degree program and hope that it creates the opportunity to help others be their better selves. So, your message hit very close to home… The gift of showing light and love and higher vibrations to those around you is extremely special, and you have it. It was perfect to have a transformational massage on 12/12, a highly charged transitional day, and my birthday. Thank you again…


Anna is an outstanding therapist. We have met over 10 years ago but only years later did I find out about her magical skills .

I knew , she was very special after my first massage . She got rid of some nasty ,very painful muscle knots, from in between my shoulder blades. To my surprise the process was not painful .

Working out regularly, and working as a nurse leaves me with sore muscles , aching joints. She is essential in maintaining, and restoring balance in my body . She is skilled , patient , soothing, intuitive. My massage is always relaxing , leaving me refreshed , and relieved of soreness.

I’m grateful for her healing energy . Highly recommend her !

Tunde, Playa Vista, CA

I moved to LA three years ago with my husband seeking a new life for myself. Its funny to say that has not been as easy as I thought. I also brought with myself a lot of things, what people call “baggage”,  things deep inside me that needed healing.

Anna has been a great source of that healing for me; an amazing intuitive with a big heart and the perspective I have been needing. I have only had a few sessions with her, but each has helped me so much and I always left our sessions in a more enlightened, inspired, healing state of mind through her guidance and healing love energy.  I really feel that I have experienced so much out of meeting her and am thankful my journey has brought me to her. Her healing capacity is beautiful, and has taught me so much. I have and will recommend her to many.

We all need healing in some way, and that healing for me means my “new life” is here!  Thank you Anna. 🙂

Julia, Palms, CA

When a friend of mine send me a text that said, “I just had the best massage of my life”  I thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah.”  But I was smart enough to find out what made her say that (“she knew the exact point in my shoulder that needed work” my friend replied) and to get the woman’s number just in case.  I liked her answers to my questions and once I had the massage, I liked her even more!!  Marcia, you were right.  This is not a “paint by the numbers” kind of masseuse.  Anna is amazingly intuitive and does, indeed know exactly where to go and more importantly, knows exactly what to do.  I’m really sensitive energetically and am really picky about massages.  Hers really was in a new range.  For those who like great versus good: check this woman out.!

Ellen, Marina Del Rey, CA

I have never felt so nurtured and safe and loved as I have with Anna in our sessions. She has an amazing gift of intuition that she uses like a finely tuned instrument to know what is most appropriate to facilitate healing at any given moment during the journey we seem to take together each time I see her. Having had major childhood trauma, these qualities are not only important to me, but essential to my progress towards finally finding peace.

Daniel, Sherman Oaks, CA

Getting a massage with Anna was very much a grounding experience. I deal with some anxiety, and I sit in front of a computer a lot. Between the two, my body hurts in the shoulders quite a bit. As soon as Anna put her hands on my back, I felt very safe and like everything was taken care of. She actually massaged a lot of different areas of my body to heal the problems in my shoulders. Her understanding of the interconnectedness of my body was really impressive to me. I had such a wonderful experience, and came out of it feeling ready to take another shot at being me. I know that sounds weird, but it’s hard to explain. She’s just so genuine, so real, and so profound all at the same time. It felt like everything I’m going through with being a human being and all of my ridiculous idiosyncrasies must be ok after all. And she taught me some cool techniques on how to live my computer-based work-life with less pain and more connection to my body.

Angela, Santa Cruz, CA