“I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Anna for almost a year now and have reached out to her on many occasions for healing my body. While she is so good with her therapy that I call her a true “Body whisperer” I also realized that she was healing at a metaphysical level. I’m naturally sensitive to energies within and without so I was able to feel subtle changes in my mind and body. Anna later talked about her applications beyond human physiology which sounded fascinating. Though I don’t have much knowledge in this topic I can attest purely based on what I felt during and post treatment that my body has been responding extremely well with great progress. I have tried many therapists and Anna is by far the best in wholesome healing.”
Praveen, Los Angeles, CA

Knowing Anna professionally and personally has been a great contribute to my experience of being, I could tell right a way she has a sense of being aware of her mind and moves with her internal knowingness, a must for people who are practitioners of any healing or of the guiding arts.

Lyndon, Los Angeles, CA

“Anna is an energy healer, a “Light worker”.  She has helped me connect with my Heart to release the pain I was holding on my back.  I am very grateful to her solidity and for her silence and respect for my own healing process”

Yamin Chehin L.Ac,  San Diego, CA

Dear Anna, is a very gifted and spiritually attuned goddess who has innately called forth a DNA activated premise that aides in the alignment of ALL that is and ever was. Her touch and focused way,  through self/spirit allows the healing that is within us all. This gift has aided me in an equipoise and regeneration like no other. Her presence is unselfishly received and given in a most auspicious vortex. I am forever awed and grateful for her lovingly   Present that IS A GIFT. She is unselfish embodiment of unfoldment of self.
Most grateful love to her and her loving way

Jay Alan Christianson, Hollywood, CA