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Anna can safely and deeply relieve pain from stress, injury or trauma, and pamper you into a new state of existence.  She is famous for her…


  Melty Deep Tissue

This treatment will melt your tension and reset your nervous system. Deep Tissue / Trigger Point therapy with myofascial approach, integrated with Reiki, Sensory Repatterning, and delivered with tai chi movement. Appropriate for people who need to melt. Also for those with chronic issues, recovering injuries, pain, misalignment, general stress and for serious athletes.


  Transformation Treatment

This powerful treatment will have you transformed. It’s a combination of intuitive Reiki and massage. Please inquire for more information.

(323) 552-7061


60 min: $150

75 min: $175

90 min: $200

120 min: $250

Modalities and Services: 

Deep Tissue   

Transformation Treatment   

Swedish Massage   

Sports Massage   


Sensory Repatterning   

TriggerPoint Therapy

Assisted Stretch   

Vacation Gentle Soothe     

Customized Combo    

Back-to-Back Massages   

Couples or Group Massage

Sleep massage

Chair Massage for Staff in Office/Studio/on set


all identities welcome


Hours of Operation:

9:30am – 9:30pm, 7 days a week



⊕  National Academy of Sports Medicine

⊕  Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing

Terms for Booking:

-Payment is due at time of booking and is Fully refundable upon cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to appt.  Forms of payment accepted: venmo, Apple Pay, paypal, zelle, cash app, debit or credit card.

-Cancellations made between 24 and 4 hours prior to booking are eligible for 50% refund, or if rescheduling is necessary, and compatible with therapist, then original payment is fully transferable to new session date.

Cancellations made less than 4 hours prior to booking are non-refundable.

-Our therapists are independent contractors and are fully licensed, insured, and educated with a clean record of improving lives.  You the client agree that Massages, Delivered. LLC and it’s affiliates will be indemnified or held harmless in the event of injury or loss.

-You the client understands that Massages Delivered Services are absolutely non-sexual.  Any sexual advances or comments will result in immediate termination of the session and forfeiture of session fee.

Absolutely no sexual massages or services of any kind, thank you.

For Events:

Event bookings require 50% deposit 7 days prior to service date and time.  Events uphold a 24 hr cancellation Policy in which deposit is non-refundable if violated. 

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About Anna…
Anna is owner and operator of Massages, Delivered. LLC.  She was certified as a personal trainer in 2009, and licensed as a massage therapist in 2011. 
A Note from Anna:
“I decided to become licensed in massage because helping people get in shape was limited without the ability to heal them.  
My experience as a personal trainer with functional body mechanics and anatomy greatly informed my massage technique.  I combined all skills with my clients for 10 years in Los Angeles before I released my personal training practice to focus on healing.  Recommending exercises is still part of my service, when needed for healing. 
Energy work was introduced to my life with a series of events that changed everything in the Summer of 2011.  It’s an intuitive process of intelligent wholesome healing.  The experience is different for everyone, but the most common result is an experience of clearing, igniting, revelation, and personal evolution.  Inquire for more information.
Thanks to this combination of personal training, massage, and intuitive healing, Ive been blessed to assist injured clients with pain relief and safe recovery back to full strength.  I’m very grateful to have witnessed traumatized clients transmute their emotional and somatic injuries and graduate into new levels of mental, emotional, and existential vitality.  I’ve also helped bodybuilders and sports professionals perform better, and lift more with advanced deep tissue techniques, and i’m grateful for those moments as well.  No matter your starting point, I’m here to listen to what you need, and provide.  I can quickly and safely assess and target the origin of stress and provide immediate relief.    
The pressure I give in a deep tissue massage, is about sinking and melting, to your preferred depth.  I keep my body stronger than my job, so that no customer will ever complain that there was not enough pressure, even if you are a pro-athlete.  That being said, even with very deep massage, I believe it is not productive to cause the body to defend under aggressive pressure, but to arrive at the deepest release with the body’s permission.  
Every body is different.  That is why I offer conscious senses–I feel that a strong therapist cultivates keen observational awareness, on every level, listens compassionately with true patience, and no agenda.  The difference is felt in the degree of accuracy… the degree of connection between hands and tissues, minds and hearts, and electro-magnetic fields!
I also believe that a wonderful spa experience requires a therapist who remains present, pampers you to the core, and helps you feel completely taken care of.  That is what I aspire to do while you are in my hands.”  
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